Calvary Christian Center exists to help people discover God, nurture growth, and serve Jesus.
Calvary Christian Center has a rich history in the Pottstown area. It started with services in a tent back in the 1930’s then moved into the old Mercury Building, which was on Beech Street. In 1952 Reverend Sparks bought the old School house located on Laurelwood Road in Pottstown Landing at a pubic auction, which is the church’s present location and pictured above. Services were held in the one room schoolhouse but additional space was needed. In the 1960’s the building as almost doubled in size. An office was added to the end of the building and the low ceilinged basement was dug out by hand, and the dirt was wheel barreled out making way for a concrete floor and space for five Sunday School rooms. In 1970 the present auditorium was built along with another Sunday school room under the church platform. The church celebrated 75 years of serving God and the community in 2014. During that time it has had three different names; Calvary Pentecostal Church, Calvary Assembly of God and Calvary Christian Center and has had 11 pastors. Pastor Robin will be celebrating his 27th year as the lead pastor in December of 2019.
We may have changed paint and fixtures in the building. We may have moved the entrance and expanded the nursery to make it larger. We may have added lighting and effects and a louder sound system. But the fact of the matter has never and will never change. We unashamedly proclaim the name of Jesus and want to make that perfectly clear. The soul purpose of Calvary Christian Center is to allow the atmosphere for anyone to discover God, Nurture growth, and serve Jesus.


Everything we do at Calvary Christian Center is centered on Jesus. We know that real life starts when we find a real relationship with God through him. Our passion is introducing people to the grace, love and power that is found in Christ!


Since we are a church committed to families, we focus on providing a life-giving, safe environment for kids to learn about God. We want your kids to be excited about coming back to church each week as your entire family grows together in your faith.


God’s Word is crucial because it provides us wisdom for life. It shows us who God is, why we were created and how to experience His love. 


When we connect with God, we find the keys to living life to the fullest. At Calvary Christian Center, our focus is on His life-giving message in a way that impacts your life both now and for eternity. And we’re all about having fun along the way.


We are at our best when we are involved in ministry and serving others. When we refresh others, we too are refreshed. We want to be known by our generosity with our time, our relationships and our resources.


Friendship was designed by God to bring joy and meaning to our lives. God places us in community to encourage each other, lift each other up and share in the ups and downs of the journey. That’s why we encourage everyone to be in a Calvary Christian Center Growth Group.