— Mark Your Calendars for October 6th ! —
We are excited to announce that starting on October 6th, Calvary Christian Center will be moving to two different worship service times on Sundays. We will have two identical Sunday worship services at 9:00 am and 11:00 am that people can join us at.
We know that all change comes with some level of worry and fear, but we hope you will join me in celebrating this change and seeing it as a significant move towards reaching more people and better serving the people that already call Calvary their home. Below is an attempt to answer many of the questions that people will have. Please read through these and join us in praying for God to lead us in this transition. Also, please take a moment and fill out this brief survey which will assist us in preparing and planning.
— Why Are We Adding an Additional Service? —
The decision to add another Sunday morning service was one that has been discussed and prayed over for by the leadership of Calvary for some time now. While there are many reasons why we believe this is the next step God is directing us in, the primary reason is we believe this move will help us better accomplish our mission of reaching more people with the Gospel and discipling people into maturity in Christ. We believe this move will help us in three strategic ways:
1. Two services will expand the space of our auditorium. Because our church is land-locked and our congregation is growing we are running out of room in our present auditorium. This dilemma we are facing has been experienced by many other churches. We need more space but are not in the position to expand our facility or rebuild. Going to 2 services isn’t plan “B” or something we are just settling with. No, it gives more options and more opportunity.
2. This move will better serve and love our children in our Kids Zone: We have qualified and capable leadership in our children’s department. Our move to two services will allow for us to develop teams to assist that leadership which will better serve our children. Adding a second service will allow those who help in not only the Kid’s Zone but also nursery serve and still be able to attend a morning worship service. We hope this culture of “Attend one, Serve One” will become a regular part of the DNA of Calvary.
3. It will allow more people to be a part of the worship service: More options opens the door for more people. Because of work schedules and other obstacles an 10am service is not possible for everyone, but an earlier service and a later service option creates more opportunities for people to come. At the heart of this decision is a desire to see more people meeting, loving, and serving Jesus and we believe adding a second
service will allow us to reach more people with the Gospel.
— Frequently Asked Questions —
When will the transition take place, and what will the new gathering times be?
October 6, 2019 will be our first Sunday going to two services. In asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of research our belief is that the optimal service times will be 9:00am and 11:00am Serve at Calvary Christian Center
Will the worship service itself change at all?
No, our worship services will remain the same and the two services will be identical in form and format. We love what God is doing in our worship services and an emphasis on God’s Word preached, God honoring worship music, and a time of reflection and application will remain our focus. We love the fact that God has made our church so multi-generational and we want to minimize anything that would cause those generations to separate.
Will Kids Zone children’s church be offered at both times?
Yes. It is just as important that our children have two services as much as the adults. To be able to offer this ministry at both services we are asking our current leaders to serve a little more often… but our real hope is that many more people will join in to love and serve our kids together.
Won’t this “divide” us as a family? I already feel like I don’t know everyone.
This was a concern that we had heard voiced from other churches. The reality is the larger a church gets the harder it is to “know everyone,” even if we all gather together. The primary purpose of Sunday morning worship is for the glorification of God and edification of the saints. Fellowship and community is a great added bonus, but the main vehicle for that has to be Life Groups. It would be our goal that everyone get connected to a Life Group. Life Groups are really where church becomes family. At present we offer them on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights. We are always looking for ways to start new ones as well.
Will we ever gather together as one large family again?
YES! This move will make it even more critical that we think through ways for our whole church family to gather together. We don’t have all of the answers, but we will be much more intentional of finding times for our whole church family to be together throughout the year.
Are there needs with this new change that I could help with?
Another great question…YES! One of the ironies of a church growing larger is that often times a smaller number of people do a greater amount of work. This is not good! We want as many people helping and engaged as possible, and this change will provide ample opportunity for that. We will need more help with media (sound, audio, video), worship, nursery, Kids Zone, greeters, etc. This is what a family does…it takes turns serving one other! Young, old, married, single, boys, girls…there’s room for everyone to help.
If you are interested in helping serve our growing family there is simple form to fill out that we’ve linked to below. We are always looking for more people to use their gifts to serve others at Calvary. Remember… Church is a battleship (All hands on deck), not a cruise ship (how can others serve me).
The final thing we would ask is please PRAY! Any time there is change the enemy will try to use that to cause division and destruction in the church. Please pray that this would not happen. Pray that God would continue to use our church as a family on mission for His glory in the tri-county region and celebrate that now there will be two worship services for that to take place in.
For His Glory and Service,
Pastor Robin